JULY 2021 – Handmade Films has entered into a television development deal with Richelle Wilder and Isibéal Ballance at the independent production company Adorable Media. Richelle and Isibéal will be adapting the 1972 children’s classic film THE AMAZING MR. BLUNDEN, based on Antonia Barber’s novel, The Ghosts, into a family TV single for Sky. It will air on Sky and streaming service NOW this year, forming a highlight of the broadcasters festive schedule.

Handmade Films was founded by the late George Harrison and has left an indelible mark on the British film industry. The company’s many iconic and commercially successful films include TIME BANDITS, MONTY PYTHON’S LIFE OF BRIAN, THE MISSIONARY, MONA LISA, THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY, and WITHNAIL & I.

Producers Richelle Wilder and Isibeal Ballance run Adorable Media Limited, a wholly independent production company based in the UK.

“We have an exceptional cast working with a beautifully written script. The Amazing Mr Blunden will be a 90 minutes treat for all the family to watch together this Christmas. ”

A spokesperson from Handmade Films advised:

“We are very happy and excited to be working with Richelle, Isibéal and the fantastic team they have on board. From the very start of our conversations it was clear that The Amazing Mr. Blunden has a special place in Richelle’s heart. She has always been committed to sharing Mr. Blunden with a new generation in a considered and respectful way to the much loved original.”

Handmade Films
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Adorable Media

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