Time Bandits Set – Gaming Miniatures


A wonderful and quirky ‘old school’ series of collectible pewter gaming figures.
The official Time Bandits miniatures are especially suitable for use with fantasy roleplaying and tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Frostgrave, as well as many other popular 28mm-32mm skirmish Wargames.
Beautifully sculpted and intricately detailed, these tiny time travellers, friends and enemies stand ready to explore your tabletop.



What is this??   a full boxed set of ALL of the officially licensed  Time Bandits Adventurers alongside their friends and foes.
Wrapped up in a wonderful collectors foam lined box.
This fantastic set includes 17 White Metal Miniatures :

6 x Time Bandits featuring : Randall Fidget Wally Og Strutter and Vermin
1x Ultimate Evil with 3x Minions
1x Kevin and 1x Og Pig
1x Winston the Ogre and 1x Mrs Ogre
1x Agamemnon and 1x Minotaur
1x Robin Hood
17 x 30mm lipped plastic bases

Part of a growing range of ‘Time Bandits’ Fantasy Characters.