Track 29

A doctor’s wife tires of his obsession with model trains, and spends her days wondering about the son she gave up for adoption at birth.



Genre: Drama, Mystery
Rating: 18
Directed By: Nicolas Roeg
Written By: Dennis Potter
Released: 1988
Runtime: 91 minutes


Theresa Russell as Linda Henry
Gary Oldman as Martin
Christopher Lloyd
Colleen Camp as Arlanda
Sandra Bernhard as Nurse Stein
Seymour Cassell as Dr Bernard Fairmont


The wife of a small town doctor tires of his spending too much time playing with his model trains, and starts thinking about the son she gave up for adoption years before.

While dining at a cafe, she meets a British hitchhiker, who believes he is her son. Years earlier, she was raped and gave up her son for adoption. The son may be a figment of her imagination.

They start to get to know each other and the son starts to hate the husband. The wife begins to fear for her husband’s safety.

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