Tiffany Jones

Light-hearted and occasionally unclothed adaptation of a British comic strip in the over-the-top, on-beyond-Bond spy fantasy vein.



Genre: Comedy
Rating: X
Directed By: Pete Walker
Written By: Alfred Shaughnessy (screenplay), Pat Tourret (characters), Jenny Butterworth (characters) 
Released: 1973
Runtime: 90 minutes


Anouska Hempel as Tiffany Jones
Ray Brooks as Guy
Susan Sheers as Jo
Eric Pohlmann as President Boris Jabal
Martin Benson as Petcek
Damien Thomas as Prince Salvator


Much like the comic strip the film centers around Tiffany Jones, a photo model in swinging London and features some female nudity. However, here she also has a double life as a secret agent.

The plot follows her as she tries to topple an Eastern European dictatorship in the fictional country Zirdana.

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