Three Delivery

Three orphaned siblings in Chinatown attempt to locate missing recipes with mystical powers, all while doubling as Chinese food delivery couriers.



Genre: Kids Adventure
Audience: Over 7 years old
Released: 2008 – 2009
Runtime: 26 episodes of 22 minutes
Creator: Larry Schwarz


Stephanie Sheh as Sue
Robby Duncan Sharpe as Tobey
Johnny Yong Bosch as Sid
Nan Wu as Nana
Michael Alston Baley as Mr Wu
David Chen as Barney


Scattered pages from a magical cookbook with the potential to unleash unimaginable evil….

A dastardly villain who will stop at nothing to accomplish his plans….

Three delivery kids with mysterious origins and awesome fighting skills….

With the fate of a city and perhaps the world hanging in the balance, they are our last hope!

They are our heroes. They are THREE DELIVERY

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