The Legend of Frenchie King

Outlaw sisters in the old West inherit a ranch and try to settle down and develop relationships with neighbouring family.



Genre: Comedy, Western
Rating: A
Directed By: Christian-Jaque, Guy Casaril
Written By: Marie-Ange Aniès (screenplay), Jean Nemours (screenplay), Guy Casaril (adaptation), Clement Biddle Wood (adaptation), Daniel Boulanger (adaptation & dialogue)
Released: 1971
Runtime: 94 minutes


Claudia Cardinale as Marie Sarrazin
Brigitte Bardot as Louise a.k.a. Frenchie King
Michael J. Pollard as Sheriff
Patty Shepard as Petite Pluie
Emma Cohen as Virginie
Térèsa Cimpera as Caroline


In Bougival Junction, New Mexico in 1880 the Francophone town is led by Marie Sarrazin.

A new family arrives, calling themselves the Millers, but in fact they are the daughters of the hanged outlaw Frenchie King and his eldest daughter Louise seeks to keep her father’s name alive by donning men’s clothing and continuing his criminal ways.

Louise and Maria fight but when they are both jailed they team up to take revenge on the town’s men.

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