The Blockhouse

During D-day several people become trapped while hiding in a bunker, when heavy shelling collapses it.



Genre: Drama, War
Rating: X
Directed By: Clive Rees
Written By: Jean-Paul Clébert (based on the book “Le Blockhaus”), John Gould (screenplay), Clive Rees 
Released: 1973
Runtime: 93 minutes


Peter Sellers as Rouquet
Charles Aznavour as Visconti
Jeremy Kemp as Grabinski
Per Oscarsson as Lund
Peter Vaughan as Aufret
Nicholas Jones as Kromer


On D-Day, a mixed group of forced labourers held by German forces take shelter from the bombardment inside a German bunker, but are then entombed when the entrances are blocked by shelling damage.

By coincidence, the bunker is a store house and they have enough food and wine to last them for years. And they are trapped for years.

The film analyses how they deal with their underground prison, with their relationships, and with death.

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