Mona Lisa


A man recently released from prison manages to get a job driving a call girl from customer to customer.



Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance
Rating: 18
Directed By: Neil Jordan
Written By: Neil Jordan (screenplay), David Leland (screenplay)
Released: 1986
Runtime: 104 minutes


Bob Hoskins as George
Cathy Tyson as Simone
Michael Caine as Denny Mortwell
Robbie Coltrane as Thomas
Clarke Peters as Anderson
Kate Hardie as Cathy


George (Hoskins), recently released from prison, is given a job as the driver for a high-class prostitute named Simone (Tyson) by his former boss, Denny Mortwell (Caine).

As George and Simone find out more about each other, they form a friendship.

Central to this theme is Mortwell’s wish for George to find out as much as he can about one of Simone’s ‘regulars’, a wealthy businessman.

George helps Simone in her quest to find Cathy (Hardie), an abused friend from her past.

This leads to a violent resolution in the seedy underworld.

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