Checking Out

A successful family man, who works for an airline, becomes consumed by fear of death after his colleague and best friend dies in front of him.


Genre: Comedy
Rating: 15
Directed By: David Leland
Written By: Joe Eszterhas
Released: 1987
Runtime: 96 minutes


Jeff Daniels as Ray Macklin
Melanie Mayron as Jenny Macklin
Michael Tucker as Harry Lardner
Kathleen York as Diana
Ann Magnuson as Connie Hagen
Allan Havey as Pat Hagen


Ray Macklin (Daniels) is obsessed with his own mortality.

When a close friend suddenly dies of a heart attack at a barbecue, Ray becomes convinced that every ache, pain and twinge he experiences is a sign of his own impending death.

His unjustified fears lead him into ever more extensive hypochondria.  

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