Carbon Copy

When a rich white corporate executive finds out that he has an illegitimate black son, things start falling apart for him at home, at work and in his social circles.



Genre: Comedy, Drama
Rating: AA
Directed By: Michael Schultz
Written By: Stanley Shapiro
Released: 1981
Runtime: 92 minutes


George Segal as Walter Whitney
Susan Saint James as Vivian Whitney
Jack Warden as Nelson Longhurst
Dick Martin as Victor Bard
Denzel Washington as Roger Porter


Roger Porter (Washington) is the long-lost black son of Walter Whitney (Segal), a respectable businessman who lives in the all-white community of San Marino, California. Walter, who is Jewish, has been hiding that fact for purposes of professional advancement in the business which his anti-Semitic father-in-law (Warden) heads.

Once Roger turns up at Walter’s office, it turns out that he is the result of Walter’s relationship with a black woman, who is now dead. Walter’s father-in-law had warned him that the relationship would be harmful to his career, so he broke it off.

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