Blood on the Badge

A cop goes to a small Texas town to find out who murdered his former partner there.



Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: N/A
Directed By: Bret McCormick
Written By: John Cianetti, Bret McCormick
Released: 1992
Runtime: 97 minutes


David Harrod as Detective Neal Farrow
Richard Catt as Clint Hardin
Melissa Deleon as Detective Jenny Webber
Monique Detraz as Sandra
Joe Estevez as Captain Burton
Todd A Everett as Bill Marshall


A brutal war of terrorism is waged by Libyan Nationalists and arms have been stolen from a high security military arsenal. Detective Neal Farrow is assigned to the case and is caught up in a political black market scandal of murder and extortion. Farrow must stop the madness before the country becomes a barren wasteland.

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