Alice falls in love with a jogger called Rabbit.



Genre: Fantasy, Musical, Romance
Rating: N/A
Directed By: Jacek Bromski, Jerzy Gruza 
Written By: Jacek Bromski, Jerzy Gruza, Judy Raines, Susannah York
Released: 1982
Runtime: 80 minutes


Jean-Pierre Cassel as The White Rabbit
Susannah York as The Queen of Hearts
Paul Nicholas as Cheshire Cat
Jack Wild as Turtle
Dominic Guard as Gryphon
Sophie Barjac as Alice


Lewis Carroll’s colourful characters from his classic tape of fantasy, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ reappear in a very different and highly original form in ‘Alice’, a $5,000,000 musical fantast filmed in Warsaw, Poland and in Marseilles in the South of France.

Illusion mingles with reality in the contemporary story of a young woman who witnesses what appears to be an assassination attempt on a young, attractive man, jogging through a park. On recovering from a faint, Alice awakes in a world which, though recognisable, is strangely and subtly no longer her own.


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