The Art of Planet 51


Do you know how much work goes into the illustrations of animated films? Well this book “The Art of Planet 51” will certainly help you gain an understanding and is fun along the way as well.

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The film Planet 51 was co-produced by Ilion Animation Studios and Handmade Films in 2009.

We have a limited number of these amazingly detailed books available for sale. Any budding artist, designer or fan of Planet 51 will appreciate the illustrations that help go to show how the art formed such as integral part of the film.

The official description of the book is as follows…..

“Take a rocket ride through Ilion Animation Studios, the visionary force responsible for the, humorous and heart-warming film¬†Planet 51. This collection of more that 400 pieces of stunning concept art delivers an in-depth look at the artistry, craftmanship and amazing computer graphics techniques that showcases the future of animation.”

Text by Danny Graydon

Foreword by Gary Oldman

ISBN: 978-1-933784-97-7